Saturday, April 2, 2011

#2: B is for BMI

B is for BMI, the Body Mass Index. As with any single formula that attempts to describe a complicated situation, it's seriously lacking in providing useful sharp lines, but still can be handy for some uses.

For example: somebody with a BMI of 27 is listed as 'overweight', but may just be muscular, or large-framed. The categories are themselves suspect, with studies showing that people live longer in the 'overweight' range than the nominal 'normal' range.

And yet, some generalities are useful. Somebody with a BMI in the high 30s (like me) is seriously overweight and should deal with it. Somebody with a BMI in the high 80s (like one of the competitors on Biggest Loser: Australia) is massively overweight and in desperate need to lose some weight.

And so I'm starting a new plan on Monday. More details will come then.

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